Plane Wars 2


Plane Wars 2 -  strategy tower game (sequel to Plane Wars),  where you can capture flying enemy bases, improve your skills and your bases, collect energy and use it for special abilities (kinda like magic).

Plane Wars 2 in addition to 3 original bases has 4 new types. Full list of all types of bases:

  • Airdrome base — constructs planes
  • Air defense base – attacks flying nearby planes
  • Radar base — increases power of planes
  • Agitation base — increases speed of constructing planes
  • Telepathic base
  • Headquarters base — calls for reinforcements
  • Atomic base — modifies planes

Now game has Encyclopedia.


  •  80 levels
  •  5 different play modes for each level
  •  7 types of bases (towers)
  •  special abilities
  •  RPG element: you can improve your planes and special abilities

Android – Google Play (free): Plane Wars 2

iOS – App Store (free): Plane Wars 2