Plane Wars


Plane wars - strategy tower game where you can capture flying enemy bases, improve your skills and your bases, collect energy and use it for special abilities such as weather control, power gain, acceleration of production and the creation of zeppelins.

- 48 levels
- 5 different play modes for each level
- multuplayer
- special abilities
- RPG element: you can improve your planes and special abilities

Google Play(free): Plane Wars


Multiplayer is still in BETA stage , small FAQ on possible problems :

Q: Connecting for a long time , but can not find opponents to play.

A: Most likely at the moment nobody is connecting to multiplayer game. Tell friends and acquaintances about the game – greater number of players – the opportunity to find opponent quickly.

Q: Throws an error similar to “Error onRoomJoined, statusCode – X”

A: Usually can be solved by reconnection . If that fails , try to re-login to Google + or re-enter the game.

Q: During the game appear “phantom ” aircraft, base ” blink”.

A: The sign of bad internet connection between you and your opponent, problem can be on your side or on the side of your opponent.


If you get stuck at a certain level , you may find useful these tips:

- Not always victory depends only on the rate of reaction , often you need to wait for the best moment to attack  - this is a strategy, not a shooter ;)
- Each radar provides 30% power gain for all your aircraft – often wiser to capture radar before further attack
- You can choose multiple bases to attack (you can disable this option – so at a time you can attack with only one base)
- Sometimes it is useful to change the percentage of planes to attack
- The ability to power gain function for a limited time , so better turn it on in the moment of attack – not before, so you won`t lose precious seconds of ability
- With a certain probability if the AI is not being attacked – it will start to upgrade its bases, while spending aircraft for upgrade – it could be the ideal moment to attack
- AI attacks only if its base has a certain number of aircraft , so even having a generally less aircraft you can constantly attack enemy base without giving him the opportunity to attack
- AI selects a base for attacks depending on the distance and the number of aircraft in it , so it is necessary to have more planes in base in order to minimize its attractiveness for AI and vice versa – you can create a lure for AI emptying your base
If even with these tips you can not complete some level and think that it is impossible – write in comment section ,I`ll try to make gameplay video :)

  • Salem

    i can complete 4-12 with no energy
    can you help

    • spokdev_com

      You need max upgraded characteristics of your planes.
      I set percent of attack 75%.
      First wait to generate planes, then upgrade base.
      Then capture radar bases around and prevent enemies from capturing those bases(this may take a while, and you should be fast doing this)
      After you have all radar bases around your initial base you can first capture couple of neutral defense bases and then enemy bases.

  • Joshua Immanuel

    I love this game but I am stuck at level 2-3 can you please suggest how to clear that level.
    Thanks in advance.

    • spokdev_com

      Wait some seconds while enemies will fight one with another and then start attacking.
      With such tactic level 2-3 in normal mode will be quite easy to win :)
      PS. – here some general tips in english

      • Joshua Immanuel

        Thanks a lot, also how do I earn more stars in the first levels set (levels 1-1 till 1-12), no matter how fast I complete these levels I do not earn any stars pl help with how to earn more stars in earlier levels. Also I dont understand what the button at the top right of the screen does, It seems to decrease the lightning bar at the left which then slowly recharges, pl tell me exactly what it does.
        Love the game btw.

        • spokdev_com

          You should complete them in other modes (blind mode, X2 etc) that you can choose when you choose level.

          “Also I dont understand what the button at the top right of the screen does” – I guess you mean special ability. You have ability to temporarily increase power of your planes. You can open another abilities for earned stars,

  • kieran

    How can I change the difficulty mode? Can’t find the option to change out of normal mode.

    What difference is there with the pro version?

    I have a HTC One.

    • spokdev_com

      Hello, kieran
      There are no ads in PRO version
      There are different game modes(normal, blind, x2 etc) – different icons represent each mode.
      There are no different difficulties?

      • kieran

        Thanks for getting back to me. But how do I change the game mode.

        • spokdev_com

          When you choose mission. There is icon of wing above rectangle of level – this is normal mode. After you`ve won normal mode you can choose blind mode – icon of head with stripe on eyes. And so on.

  • Gregg

    I have been stuck on 3-5 for a while and no matter what I do I can’t win

    • spokdev_com

      First you need to collect more stars for upgrades in earlier missions.
      In 3-5 you should quickly defeat all red bases and attack white aerodrome – because if it manages to capture one of your aerodromes it will be difficult to win.

  • Dan Worwood

    Great game, my suggedtion would be to credit a loss if someone quits a game before it ends. Also, to be able to play a friend would be awesome

  • tho Pesch Markus

    stuck at 2.5 whatever I try. Plese help

  • Rufus

    Amazing game!!! Well done :) bad side: Africa is Ok, but where is the rest of the world? I mean I would like play more levels :)

    • spokdev_com

      Thanks :)
      Only Africa because it`s kinda Orwell “1984″ based world. Africa is the only non occupied area.
      We`re working on new levels and stuff – though it may take a while before publishing.

  • nicolo dilella


  • steve

    My planes are maxed and having trouble with 4-4, 4-8, and 4-9. 4-12 you have already given tips about and Ive tried again and again. Multiple enemy bases constantly attacking makes it super difficult to do anything on these levels. As always I’ll keep grinding but any tips would be helpful. Super addicting game and hope to see more levels with other continents. Thank you!

  • Bryan ‘Indy’

    I have worked as a game tester and I have two huge issues with the multiplayer mode. 1A: There needs to be a lobby for players to see each other and that players levels so that they can challenge certain players. 1B: There also needs to be an option for multiple players to be able to form teams to operate individual bases on the same map, as well as the ability to select which map they want to use. 1C: Plus a player chat and friends list in the lobby would generate more interest in staying in the game for social, strategic, and taunting interaction which will increase view of ads……. 2: The multiplayer gameplay is too static and pointless if both players are good. One mistake and it’s pointless to continue playing as there are no random factors that could save you…. Please allow players to be able to use their special powers that they have earned in campaign mode. Do not allow fully unlimited powers. Only allow the powers that they have earned and set up…

  • Boris Kaluđjerski Matić

    Amazing. Morituri te salutant!