Landing Confirmed


In Landing Confirmed you will guide rocket across various levels. Fly through different obstacles, avoid shooting canons, moving objects; open hidden paths and safely land your rocket at finish.



Dynamic lighting and day|night cycle with fog, stars, clouds and more


Inspired by minimalist 2D design.


Touch left and right sides of the screen to control rocket. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up on any screen size.


Landing Confirmed is optimised for both tablets and phones. You can play both in landscape and portrait orientation

Android -Google Play (free) –  Landing Confirmed

iOS – App Store (free) – Landing Confirmed

Steam (Greenlight) – Landing Confirmed

  • CodePrime8

    Psst. :) I’m showcasing your game today on my channel. Hope it gets you some traffic. I really like your game.

    • spokdev_com

      Hello. Appreciate it :)
      Good job on review/showcase.

  • Juleno MC

    Really an amazing game !

    Can you add :
    - a stopwatch
    - a very simple local scoreboard with the time for each level.
    I hope the game will become popular !

    • spokdev_com

      There is already a Timer in the game. At least on Android. By default it is visible when you replay completed levels. But you can set in Settings so it will be always visible in game and on levels screen.

      • Juleno MC

        Well, I was playing on my iPad.
        I will try it on Android.

        • spokdev_com

          There is a minor bug on iOS that I`m waiting to be fixed in game engine. When it happens – I`ll upload latest version of the game on iOS.

  • Ashish Narkhede

    Great game. You can add auto-assist to keep rocket straight. Just a little assist and charge it. Could be another revenue stream..

    • spokdev

      I don`t like idea of adding pay-to-win mechanics though.

  • Saksham Goyal

    I watched the video but I couldn’t unlock the next level!!!!!!!

  • Ross Scott

    Love the game, but I’m stuck on Chapter 3 Prism. I can get to the Prism light beam, but I’m stuck at that point. Please let me know what I should do next? Thanks

    • Ross Scott

      Ha, just completed it!! Just go straight through the beam!

  • joost vandenheuvel

    When are there coming new levels or new modes i completed all the levels in normal and hardcore mode

    • spokdev

      I think next update. But can`t tell exact date. Not very soon.

  • soroosh129

    Any chance to sync saves between Android and iOS?

    • spokdev

      Sorry, no such plans for now.